Vertex ambient occlusion

Demo to create smooth ambient occlusion using Dark Dynamix or DBP Collision DLL's. It is very useful for vegetation and all other meshes which have uniform vertex density. It is cheap, simple, but provide good AO which you can mix with dynamic lighting.

Game Ball tutorial

Small example based on well known Unity tutorial. Few lines of code, Dark Dynamix as physics engine and your first Dark Basic Pro game is created.

Depth of field with Bokeh

Bokeh as a post-processing effect. It is only hexagonal, but much faster than round bokeh, which uses too many samples to get a smooth result.

Glue object to another

This code glue one object to another. Position and orientation are linked simultaneously to parent object. Useful code to create planet and satellites or just link weapon to character arm. It uses Euler and quaternion math. Also there is pretty nice snippet inside to create fibonacci sphere.

Disk Sampler Generator

Tiny tool to create sampler lists to use them in different shaders like DOF, shadow mapping, SSAO and in every place where sampling needed. Generator produces 2 or 3 dimension array in single .txt file ( Gauss distribution written in .z ) so you can just copy and paste it to your shader.

Required system updates

To run Dark Basic Pro executables be sure to install this updates from Microsoft official website:

1) Microsoft DirectX® End-User Runtime

2) Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)

3) .NET Framework 4.8 Web Installer

Sometimes links on official Microsoft website can be changed or removed - if so, try to search them and download manually.